Mercedes-Benz maintenance.


Safety and value retention for your Mercedes-Benz.

One of our most important safety systems is maintenance. When performed regularly, it preserves the safety of your Mercedes, keeps you mobile and helps the vehicle retain its value. As its manufacturer, we know your Mercedes best.

Possible wear and tear or probable damage can be identified at an early stage during this process. That means more major repairs and the resulting costs can be avoided. Maintenance is available from Mercedes-Benz Service in two different packages: Service A and Service B, performed alternately.

Mobilo. Stay on the move.

Mobilo is the standard mobility solution from Mercedes-Benz. In the event of a mishap, breakdown, accident or vandalism, our experts throughout Europe ensure that you stay mobile. One phone call is all it takes. Call 00800 1 777 7777. We are waiting to help. The Mobilo mobility solution comes as standard with every Mercedes-Benz passenger car and is renewed after every service with Mercedes-Benz – for up to 30 years.