Retrofittable diesel particulate filter.

The use of an innovative particulate filter significantly reduces emissions in the Mercedes-Benz CDI models. Conventional filter systems work with fuel additives. Our specially developed diesel particulate filter, on the other hand, does not contain any additives and operates maintenance-free at high mileage.

The fuel additives of common filter systems improve the combustion of soot particles in the filter. However, ashtray residues may occur in the process, which, after prolonged operation, may lead to clogging of the filter channel. As a result, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are not optimal. This also impairs the performance of diesel engines.

The diesel particulate filter in the CDI models, on the other hand, regenerates itself by selectively adapting various engine control functions such as fuel injection, intake throttling, exhaust gas recirculation and boost pressure control. The flue gas temperature can thus be increased in a targeted manner, so that the particles stored in the filter burn off. Tests have shown that after high mileage, more than 95% of the soot particles can be removed from the exhaust gas. And all this with a long service life of the filter.

If your vehicle is not equipped with a diesel particulate filter at the factory, you can equip it with a retrofittable diesel particulate reduction system.